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Please Note: This was written by Becca who is becoming fluent in English.

My name is Rebecca Jean and I go by “Becca”. I am the new employee of YES! and I am a mentor and field agent. I was born in Delmas, Haiti. I went through high school at the College Coeur de Jesus. I went to university at Ayiti Education Normal School for two years to become a teacher and I also went to America English School to study English as a second language.


I have 2 sisters and several half brothers and sisters. I have been told I am a very understanding, kind, intelligent and a respectful person. I really don’t like hypocrisy. I like to read, listen to music, to debate, and go on outings with my friends.


I worked at the Food for the Poor and Infotech Professional School before I started to be a teacher at the I’m Me Orphanage where I worked for 4 years. I started working with YES! at one of our feeding program sites. I cooked and helped teach. I now am working full time and I really like working for YES!.


Thank you for all you do for Haiti and thank you for helping us love, support, and help the children of Haiti.

Blessings to you, Becca.

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