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Please Note: This was written by Kemsley who is becoming fluent in English.

Hello everyone!


I am currently working at a call center and am learning a lot. 

It is a great pleasure for me to make my biography! I already say a huge Thank you to all who will read it! My name is Kemsley. I'm 23. I am warrior with a child like soul. I laugh and cry with the intensity, I am always there for my friends and family, stand for them, support them and love them. I guide by God's words and promises and I can feel everyone's pain. I am somebody that people can lean on in times of despair and I never let anyone down. I believe in togetherness and always try to bring everyone closer to each other. My mom died, my father is alive but can't find enough work to support me and provide for me! I would love with God's help and your supports to become a psychologist and/or a social worker and be able to share God's words with others. I want to help others in so many ways as you help me to become the person that God created me to be.

More information about me: 

  • Faith: I am faithful to God. Even if I don't see, I trust him and I know his scriptures can't lie to me.

  • Humble: When I am on the street and a elderly women asks for help to get food, I use my transportation money to give it to her and I walk home for that day.

  • Loving: My heart leaps for joy for children. I love them and can't wait to help them. 

I already thank you for your prayers and your supports. May the blessing of God cover all you who are reading about me.


Thank you so much..

God bless you...I love you all.


Favorite Bible verse:

  • Jeremiah 29:11 which says: For I know the projects that I have formed about you says the LORD, projects of peace and not of evil to give you an avenue and the expectation that his word be fulfilled in my life in the name of Jesus.

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