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Jwaye Nwèl

Dear Prayer Warriors and Supporters,

Jwaye Nwèl or Merry Christmas in creole. We celebrated Christmas in the 2 communities that we work in. We had such amazing moment with the kids. It was obvious that they enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. We even had some dancing. The YES! employees also helped with the Christmas parties by donating some of their own financial to fix the kids a bigger meal for the Christmas Parties. The most amazing thing was the smile on the kids’ faces. Dieumercy had a little interview with some of them. He found out that many of them had not been to a party before, even one of our oldest, that is 13 years old.

We provided a certificate and a special gift to three of our kids that were the most improved for the year. We provided all our kids some raw food, a small gift which included a small toy, a pair of underwear, and a shirt. It was crazy to hear many of the kids say they had never received a toy before, and they were all amazed by the bubbles. And their parents were also amazed as they claimed they did not know what they would do for their kids for Christmas this year.

One of the things that drives a child to enter a gang is an unmet desire. They see things on TV and/or they see other children having different things that they would like to have but they do not have it. And these desires become addictions and when one person asks them to be a part of something and gives them money to do something fulfills these addictions. Many of them give into their desire without thinking of the consequences. You all hear that gangs are huge problems in Haiti. The gang give opportunities for many kids but with no happy ending. YES!’s VBS/Feeding Program helps teach the children different things and most importantly Jesus that leads to happy endings. This program is helping these children so much. We see each week the impact our program is having on these children.

The VBS program is more than astonishing. It is crazy the importance it has on children. We knew what we were doing when we started this program but honestly, we did not expect such a need for this program. We want you to know that your donation and support to YES! is not wasted or used for granted. These dear children were not part of society and were ignored and forgotten. Thanks to God and to you, they are not anymore. Thank you so much for supporting this marvelous change in Haiti. Let’s not impact the kids to be like us but to be greater influencers. You are having a lasting impact in Haiti. Thank you from all of us at the YES! equipping/mentoring center.

God Bless you.


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