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I am a simple wife and mother, living on my farm in Quebec, Canada. I have lived in Haiti during the years 2017 and 2018. During my stay in beautiful Haiti, I have met some of the YES! mentored teenagers of that time. They have a special place in my heart.  


I know how it can be difficult to be a teenager under normal circumstances. As I’ve witness some of the challenges that are specific to Haitian teens, I believe the work made by YES! is of prime importance. The best gifts we can offer to the youth are the gifts of time, love, and guidance. Above all, by teaching them to hear and follow the Holy spirit, we can help them receive guidance and counseling for the years to come, as independent adults. 


My everyday life consists of teaching my children, growing my vegetable gardens and doing photography. I love to support and be part of the YES! Organization. Even if I can’t be physically there in Haiti to be with the children, it allows me to participate in giving onto them, just as people have given onto me in my own youth.



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