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Hi everyone,

My name is Pierre Joseph Valcourt but I am known by many as “P”. I am Haitian and I was born in a small town called Marmelade, about 80 meters from the big town called Gonaïves in the Artibonite part of Haiti. I went through primary school there and then moved to Port-au-Prince when I was 14 years old. I went through high school in Delmas area of Port-au-Prince. I really wanted to finish school and since money was tight, I created a job for myself by cutting other peoples’ hair. I paid for the last three years of high school and both of my college degrees by myself. I went through college to learn computer programming. I also went to the Institute of Language for 3 years to learn how to teach English as a second language or ESL.


Right before I graduated, I found a job in an area of Haiti called Cité Soley. It is considered the most dangerous place in Haiti. I worked for 9 years with some Catholic Priests from Belgium as their lead person for their sponsorship program. I served 3100 sponsor kids during this time. This was my very first experience with this type of work in my life. And I learned so much from those people, the children, and their families. And I really saw what Haiti looked like. I also learn how to develop relationships with people.


In 2003, I started to teach computer and some English at some schools in Port-au-Prince. And in 2005, I started to work full-time for the school and stopped working for the sponsorship program. I taught English full-time at the school.


In 2009, I started working with Doctors without Boards as their logistics coordinator. Unfortunately, the earthquake of January 2010 hit Haiti and I quit that job just a couple of months after the earthquake. In May 2010, I started working for an organization called Heartline Ministries as their “everything and anything that they need” person. I did many different odds jobs like dumping trash, working with a school in Cité Soley that they were helping, driving the ambulance for their maternity center, driving foreigners, helping out in their guesthouse, running many errands, and helping foreigners.  And in July 2015, is when I met Beth and Dawn at the Heartline Guesthouse.


From the first time I met them, I could tell they were different from other foreigners as most of their days at the guesthouse they spent praying and praying for hours. I could tell that they had a heart for the Lord and for the people of Haiti. My boss at Heartline told them that I could help them with anything they needed while they were at the guesthouse. During that trip, I helped them with many things like opening a bank account to driving them to an organization about 1.5 hours away from Port-au-Prince.


After that first meeting in July, I continue to help them, especially Beth as she moved into Haiti full time and started YES! I would volunteer my time when I could as I still had a full-time job. I could see from a distance that they were different from other organizations. Over the last 6 years, I continued to help YES! And in the past 2 years, I started to help out more as Mama Beth traveling more often to the states. I am so excited to help YES! continue their mission and truly believe in what they are doing in Haiti.


I have a heart for helping children and especially the ones most in need. God calls us to serve others and I try my very best to help and serve others. Thank you YES! family and sponsors for all that you have been doing for my country. You are changing lives.

And along the way of volunteering for YES!, I found my wife. Now we team together to follow God’s calling on our lives to bring change, hope, and love to my people of Haiti.


God Blessings to you.


Pierre or “P”

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