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Mary Beth

God has a plan for our lives?

Instinctively it should be obvious and spiritually we know from reading God’s word that He has a plan for our lives. Realistically, however, sometimes until we face life threatening challenges, it is easy to put it in the back of our mind, buried in the subconscious.

I believe God started preparing me to face the challenge of my daughter Beth living full time in Haiti, a very poor country, when I experienced a terrifying health crisis. It was the first time I fully grasped that my life was in God’s hands, not mine. I paralleled that to knowing that Beth’s life was also in his hands. I still struggled with fear overtaking faith but was most successful when I sought God and concentrated on His word. Then and even now, I falter and am so grateful that He is every knowing and ever seeing. I was able to give the lives of my children to Him knowing He would protect them and keep them in His care even Beth in the distant and hard land of Haiti.

I have visited Haiti several times, each of these trips being a unique journey. With all my senses I have experienced the heartbreak that people face in Haiti but also the power of the human spirit to overcome it. I have seen the most genuine and joyous celebrations of our God by watching the teens in Haiti who have almost nothing. They have no question or doubt who is in control of their lives and it is amazing and inspiring to witness. I believe the people and the country of Haiti are fragile and although they have faced countless disasters they have never really recovered. They are desperate for change and for hope and I believe with help, the YES! organization can begin healing the country from the inside. I am proud to have the opportunity to be a very small part of the YES! mission.

I have been married for 53 years to a supportive and loving husband, have 3 amazing children, and retired 3 years ago from a 30-year career in nursing. As a RN I had an opportunity to work in many areas. It has been an honor to serve my community and touch many lives.


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