It has been stated that there are about 750 orphanages in Haiti as of today and many of them have started or will start very soon to release their 18 year olds to go back into their society. However, many will be released with very little money, few clothes, and very few life skills but will be expected to become citizens of their community and live in their culture. Many of them will not have the basic life skills to survive in their country for example will not know how to ride on public transportation, how to get food at the street market, how to manage money, how to make an honest living and many other things that are needed to live and survive.


The YES! young adults are setting the foundations for the younger teens' lives to be prepared for when that day comes and they are released from their orphanage back into their culture.  


The YES! young adults are mentoring other 14-18 years old teens in 2 separate orphanages in the Port au Prince area to prepare them to transition out of their orphanage at 18 and back into their society. 


The YES! young adults meet with the younger teens monthly to mentor, educate and counsel them to prepare them for what is ahead of them. They are teaching them life skills that they will need to know to transition back into their society. They are also mentoring them to be Godly men and women through bibles studies, devotions and prayers.


Another part of the YES! mentoring program is working with the newly released 18 year olds who were never given the opportunity to be part of an organized mentorship program within their orphanage. 

And our hope is that this will help change Haiti’s next generation through YES! mentorship programs.


The YES! young adults and teens continue to be light too many people in Haiti and in America. 

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