Mentoring Program:

There are about 750 orphanages in Haiti and many of them have started or will start releasing their 18-year-olds go back into society. Many will be released with very little money, few clothes, and few life skills but will be expected to become adult citizens of their community. Many of them will not have the basic life skills to survive in their country; for example, they will not know how to ride public transportation, how to get food at the street market, how to manage money, how to make an honest living and many other basic ways needed to live and survive.


The YES! young adults are setting the foundation for the younger teens' lives to be prepared for when that day comes and they are released from their orphanage back into their culture.  


The YES! young adults are mentoring other 14-18 year-old teens in orphanages to prepare them to transition out of their orphanages at 18 and into society. 


The YES! young adults meet with the younger teens monthly to mentor, educate and counsel them to prepare them for what is ahead. They are teaching them life skills that they will need to know to transition back into their society. They are also mentoring them to be Godly men and women through Bible studies, devotions and prayers.


Another part of the YES! mentoring program is working with the newly released 18-year-olds who were never given the opportunity to be part of an organized mentorship program within their orphanage. 


And goal is that the YES! mentoring program will help better prepare Haiti's next generation for a future full of hope and long term success. 

Feeding Program:

Haiti has struggled severely for the last 3 years with near-constant daily manifestations. In the last 12 months, the exchange rate between Haitian gourdes and the USD continues to radically fluctuate. This has caused food and supplies to become very expensive and near impossible for many families to afford their modest, current means of living.    

With the increase in food cost, many kids are going without food each day. We want to help keep these kids with their families. Feeding the children a couple of times a week will take some of the burdens off the families and keep them together. Unfortunately, it’s customary in Haiti for parents to put children in orphanages if they do not have the means to feed them. We have learned first hand the last thing children want is to be separated from their parents. 

Our goal is to feed them nourishment as much as the Word of God. Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done. And one of the ways you can demonstrate your love for the Lord is to be compassionate and caring towards those you encounter here on Earth. Even small gestures mean a great deal for God! Help us nourish the children spiritually and physically.  


Please click on the short video below to watch Kemsley teach the children a bible verse in English during our feeding program.


Please pray about helping YES! feed children in need, keep families together and provide them with God’s word.