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  • Discuss realities of adult life

  • Teach youth how to hold meaningful conversations with peers and adults to build trusted relationships


  • Teach through our belief that each person is of great value

  • God has given everyone a special purpose


  • Teach responsibility, maturity, and initiative


  • Equip young adults with job interview skills

  • Require participants to search for jobs, apply for jobs, and maintain employment



  • Established in 2020 and currently serving 60 children in 2 locations

  • With the current situation in Haiti, we have had to change our feeding program as the "gangs" has taken over the 2 areas of our feeding programs in the last year. We currently are following most of the feeding program students and their families that are living in Port au Prince. And right now, each month, our YES! staff provide raw food, some small gourdes for them to buy water and cooked food, they check their homework from the previous month and then give them new lessons in Math, English, French and Science. And then do a Bible story. They also give our candy to the kids when they get their homework done and extra candy when they get good grades on them. They try to see as many families as possible in a day that they can, but it is usually 3-5 families depending on the distance and the time. Our staff creates the lessons at the office, and they take it to the kids and give out accordingly to their grade level. Pierre, our manager, and Sonido, our assistant manager, make sure the homework is good for the grade level. We are hoping to go back to our previous model when things improve in Haiti.

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