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Please Note: This was written by Sonido who is becoming fluent in English.

Hi Everyone!

I am Cleophat Sonido, I am often called "Ido" when it comes my family or close friends. I am Haitian and I was born in a small and very historic town called "MARCHAND DESSALINES" located in the Artibonite department of Haïti. I did all my primary and classical studies in this city before moving to the Delmas area of Port au Prince to do my higher education.

When I arrived in Delmas area of Port au Prince, I studied Management at the University called, "Saint François d'Assise"of Haïti and I also studied Law at the State University of Haïti.
After I finished my studies at the two universities, I started doing practical volunteer work in Project Management, Strategic Planning and as a delegate in charge of criminal cases at the Court of First Instance of Port au Prince.

After these experiences, I created a job for myself by starting a small social organization to help and guide other people in various fields.

Finally, I put all my qualities, my collaboration, my skills, and my experiences at the service of YES! as Manager Assistant to ensure the continuity and proper functioning in this organization.

Thank you to each of you for all you do for my country, Haiti.


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