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  • January 2008: New Orleans: rebuild after Hurricane Katrina

  • 2008-2010: Rwanda, Africa

    • Worked with refugees from the genocide returning home

    • Helped develop a new community and school that became self reliant. They learned the importance of empowerment and sustainability through local leaders.

  • 2011: First trip to Port Au Prince, Haiti

  • 2011-2012 Worked with children living in an orphanage

  • 2012-2015

    • They saw the devastating impact of life in the orphanage

    • They saw when youth left the orphanage, they were strangers
      to their country

    • They realized how at risk these youth were when released at
      18 years old

  • 2015: Establish YES!

    • Beth moved to Haiti, Dawn supported her work stateside and Nicole joined the board

  • February 2016: YES! became a 501(c)3

  • 2019: Board grows: Marybeth (2019), Rachel (2020), Roxanne was (2021) Bios found on the "about us" section.

  • 2020: Began the feeding program and started praying for the right YES! property

  • 2021: After 6 years, Beth married her husband, Pierre. Together they bring change, hope, and love to young adults and children in Haiti


Beth (YES! President) and Dawn (YES! Vice President) mission journey together


Pierre and Beth

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