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About YES!

YES! (Youth Empowered by the Spirit) was started by 3 American women, Beth, Nicole and Dawn in September 2015. YES! received its official non-profit approval in February 2016. The three girls all felt called by God to help with one of the unmet needs in Haiti, helping teens transitioning out of the Haitian orphanage systems and back into their culture. Beth has come along side of them to help empower them and give them an opportunity to be the people that God has called them to be. Dawn and Nicole work stateside to help support Beth and the teens. The three women receive counsel and guidance from their mentors who have all given many years to the beautiful country and the amazing people of Haiti.


Supporting the teens for us means providing them with school, love, support and avenues to discover their God-given calling.  As they grow into young adults they are also being encouraged to find part time employment to help pay for their costs of living and at the same time gaining more responsibility and accountability for their day to day choices. Most of the teens have not had a “family” in their life. They have lived in an orphanage for many years with many other kids but have not experienced family in the way that most of us have in our life. We feel that this aspect of having a family is an important part of healing and helping them transition into their adult lives. God has provided this family by giving each teen a scholarship. 


We are doing everything we can to help empower these young adults as they make this transition from orphanage life to the real world of Haiti.  Beth is working on ways to create avenues for each teen on an individual basis. She is working with other organizations to help provide an avenue to utilize their giftedness and help them become the people that God wants them to be. Each teen is evaluated case by case. Each teen is evaluated each quarter to see where they are at with responsibility to hold them accountable as they grow into a young adult. God is helping YES! transition these young people into their society, establishing resources and interventions such as internships, on the job training etc.