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About YES!

The YES! mentoring program equips young adults with formal education, and training in essential trades and teaches practical life skills so they may take on meaningful roles in their community. This work prevents former orphans from becoming destitute and turning to crime, prostitution, and suicide. 

Additionally, through Haitian staff outreach, the VBS and Feeding Program provides nourishment to local food-insecure children and share the love and word of God. This work help prevents children from going into orphanages.


Accomplishments of YES!:  

YES! mentoring program is working with approximately 10+ young adults from a couple of different government-approved orphanages, 2 of the YES! young men have started businesses, young adults participate in community service, disaster relief, serving the homeless, and visiting hospitals sharing Jesus' love. Two young men are in University, 3 young adults in trade school, 13 young adults have graduated from high school, and 4 young adults have graduated from trade school.

VBS/Feeding program serves approximately 65 children in 2 different communities. YES! help keep families together by providing meals to children who otherwise would have only a few meals a week and we provide formal schooling, English language studies, and session through God's word.

YES! has an equipping center where we equip youth with life skills and mentor them. YES! employs 4 employees: 1 full-time YES! manager, 2 part-time Mentors leaders (YES! graduates), and 1 part-time VBS/Feeding program leader (YES! graduate)

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