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About YES!

The YES! mentoring program equips young adults with formal education and training in essential trades and teaches practical life skills so they may take on meaningful roles in their community. This work prevents former orphans from becoming destitute and turning to crime, prostitution, and suicide. 

Additionally, through Haitian staff outreach, the VBS and Feeding Program nourishes local food-insecure children and shares the love and word of God. This work helps prevent children from going into orphanages.


Testimonial from one of our Young Adults:
YES! helped me to be independent, even though that was very hard from coming out of the orphanage. They helped me to start again a new life. They taught me life skills and how to find a job. After many months of looking and putting my resume in multiple places, I found a job. Thank you, YES! 

Testimonial from one of our Feeding Program Students:
Nehemie is one of our feeding program students. She recently got very sick. YES! was able to help her family buy medicine and pay for part of her hospital stay. Did you know that only 15-20 USD can save a life in Haiti? She is now healed. YES! was also able to help pay for part of a room in a safer action for her and her family to live.


I am a strong supporter of what YES! is doing. I trust in their work, and I believe that God has placed YES! in this city to make a difference. And I know without the good work and all your support, YES! could not be doing this work. I was amazed to witness all these developments and all I can say is Thank You. I am taking the opportunity to thank every one of the members of YES! on behalf of the population of PAP and the YES! young adults and VBS students you've helped.
I feel like I encountered the blessings of God every day through the young adults of YES! and the people who contribute to the mission. I am personally grateful for everything you and your mission are doing to enhance the quality of life in Haiti. YES! should be honored by what they've done now for the people there, but also for the YES! graduates and what they will be able to do when they go into their communities. As a humanitarian, seeing how YES! works and contributes to the Haitian people has caused me to want to share more. I truly testify that participating in the organization of YES!, is truly rewarding and amazing. It is the first time I have seen this type of result from any organization working in Haiti.
Sarah, Colorado

Due to the current situation and conditions in Haiti and especially in Port-au-Prince, YES! needs have increased and continue each day. 


With your support, we can help more children, teens, and young adults in Haiti. Will you join us? Will you share YES! with a friend and ask them to donate?


Help us continue to bring hope and love to the people of Haiti.

Thank you for your consideration and prayers. 

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