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Amazing Trip To Haiti

When going into a different country you never know what to expect. This was my very first missions trip in my life. I was nervous going into Haiti, but once I arrived and met with Beth and the YES! teens, I felt very comfortable and at home with them because they were so welcoming.

Haiti is a very poor country. Little things, like a gallon of ice cream, cost about $20. There is not always power, often leaving people without power for hours. The Haitians don’t get many luxuries that we Americans take for granted. Even though the teens have very little, they are extremely thankful to the Lord for what they do have.

The YES! teens have been a blessing to my heart. During my visit, there I learned to adapt to a different culture than what I was used to. It was awesome to see the love they have for one another and for the Lord. Their service to the Lord was also amazing to see. The visit went by too fast. In the short time I was there, I bonded with each of the teens, learned the culture, got to witness a different lifestyle, and try new food. We had the opportunity to do activities like coach/play basketball, play spoons, go swimming, and have devotional time with the YES! teens. One of the boys, Jameson, wanted me to stay there for a year! He didn’t want me to come home.

When it was time for me to leave, I felt very sad. The visit made me not only appreciate what we have here in the US, but also showed me no matter where you are, the Lord is there too. I would visit them again if I get another chance.

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