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YES! Between Gangs War and Our Social Efforts

   Haiti, for several years now, armed groups have continued increasing throughout our country. Between all this fear, despite the invasion of neighborhoods by armed gangs, YES! Employees have always shown bravery and face danger to visit our children who live mainly in high-risk areas. And we’re proud to do it every time and proud of our employees.  

During our travels as part of our Feeding Program, we provide a small allowance to each children, food, treats, work with them on four subjects, Math, Science, French, and English, do homework with them and hand out new homework, organize prayer sessions with them, and do bible studies with the children to heal their souls. These session are a very important part of our work, as our children are the children of GOD.  In our office, our employees of YES! continue to prepare educational documents allowing our children to catch up educationally because schools are not operating full time due to widespread insecurity. And many of our students would not get education without our feeding program as their families don’t have the money to pay.

As for the security condition of the country, it remains an unprecedented complexity. Nothing is done to improve the situation which continues to worsen day by day. Despite all these difficulties, YES! has not stopped investing in social, education and the health of our children. These expenses are made every month

to achieve all our objectives.

  To continue the travel of YES! staff in Haïti as part of our Feeding Program, and Mentoring Program,a new car seems to be very necessary as our 4runner continues to break down very often and it will help us because the roads we use are not in good condition and get worse daily. The YES! Team in Haïti also asks you to pray that God will provide another properly where we can carry out our field work that has more space and especially space where our children can come run and play sports to get away for a short time from the ongoing insecurities.

   Finally, for all this to be achievable we must remain united in prayer, make devotions, read God’s word, and ask God to help us and find the way to have the donations for the accomplishment of our social works through YES! in Haiti. Thank you for all your prayers, support and help. We won’t give up and we only do that as we know that you are standing with us in spirit and giving us strength each day. Thank you!

Blessings, Sonido, YES! Manager Assistant in Haïti.


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