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Message from Dan

I have watched YES! love, encourage and support these young adults for three years. I have personally known these teens since they were small children and have watched them grow in independence, intelligence and love for other people and the Lord. I have celebrated milestones with them as they graduated from High School, received trade school certificates and served their fellow Haitians. YES! and their President have invested their heart and energy into serving these young people with a deep desire for them to succeed in a country where it seems everything is stacked against them. I am hopeful for these young adults future. YES! continues to give these teenagers every possible avenue for success while teaching them that they hold the keys to their future.

Importantly, as these young adults mature they are given more responsibility within this organization. YES! believes the country must change from within. These youth know more about their culture than any foreign country and YES! is hanging their hat on the belief these young adults have the power to change a nation. With that, the YES! teens lead the charge in the growing mentorship program YES! has put into place by teaching children in other orphanages what they learned while they were finding their way into young adulthood. I see hope, love and a future of possibilities through the investment YES! is making into the next adult generation in Haiti.


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