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So the title of this update is circumstance. It is about what the country and us are going through at this time since January until now.  An event that makes a situation the way it is, that’s my own definition about the word circumstance. So now we going through a crisis that is worse than ever, more than what I have seen in my life; schools doesn’t in function, university and other business don’t function or they are gone as they have been burned. Even the workers of most places cannot work cause most companies are closed since the end of February. 

We know it is very dangerous outside, we use all of our strength and courage, even take the risk to come to work but with the Holy Spirit that directs us, nothing can happen to us. Because what we doing he makes others better as they are in even worse situations than ours, specially those dear kids in the feeding program, they all really need support in this circumstance. As we can see it the way they are so happy to see us when we got there. It is kind of a special gifts from our Lord to them as there’s no school right now that’s functioning so they love to learn and love to see us.  We feel like the strategy of when we give them those learning sheets, they learn so much from it, and we suppose to continue because we feel that’s help more than we would think and make more impacts on our society. Our job at YES! is so hard but it is what God needs us to do right now and I am thankful to be a part of it. 

That’s all from me and my story, we need more prayers for Haiti cause it really sick right now. The only medicine it needs is prayers, your actions, and support. So as we continue to do our part, clean our society and provide some medicine to other with all of us with all our hearts. We can still continue to support those who need help as the very best we can and that is what we will continue to do. 

Thank you for your ongoing love and support. Thank you. 



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