Hi everyone, it’s me, Yolens.

Today I feel happy to be able to say thank you for all that you’ve done for me. Without your prayers and support I would not be able to be here today and I couldn’t live. As you may know, I live by myself and my family does not help me. Life is very hard but God is very good. Without your prayers and your help, I would not make it.

Psalms 23 is very dear to me. The Lord is our shepherd and I shall not want. He knows what we need and He restores my soul. By God’s grace and mercy, He helps me find jobs and always meets my needs. And I recently was able to save my money and also with your help, I was able to buy a bed. It is amazing. That helps make each day better. I am praying for you every day in my life. So, I do not have a word to thank you. I can only say you’re my everything.

Thank you so so much to everyone of you.

Love you,


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