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Hello, It’s Judeson. I just want to talk a little bit about myself as the new mentor of the YES! teens/young adults. As I was in an orphanage of 52 kids and was released from it. Personally, I grow up enough to become what and who I am today, thank you to YES! and their encouragement and advice. The reason I’m in this position today is because those thing that YES! teaches me made my life. I mean I took them seriously, so now as I am living in my country successfully. I think as a mentor I have menu of important things that I can teach those new YES! teens who come from the orphanage as you know I was in that same position as them. And now I almost became an adult, sometimes your experiences can make you become an adult without ages. I remember the time that I graduated from high school and YES! told me to go looking for job and then I said “What? A job, there are no jobs in Haiti.”

Do you really know the reason I said that is because I was like 12 years in that orphanage and did not have much experience in my country? Then they wanted me to go look for job. When I left the orphanage, I was scared and I did not know the streets or even my Haitian people. YES! did help me and mentor me to live in my country. However, I thought finding a job was impossible. However, YES! taught me and supported me and that gave me hope. And you know what, I did it, I been found a menu of different jobs. I can still find job if I need one.So, the reason I explain this little story to you is to show you that it’s not going to be hard for me to mentoring those new teens because as I told you, I know everything they are going through and everything they want to know. And I also know everything they should learn to grow into responsible young adults. And I also know their needs, fears and wants as I have been in their shoes.

So, my dream is to teach them and make them have more possibilities to live well in this country. I mean the behavior they need to have to make them be responsible, know more about how to live in Haiti and to know how to be in our society. I am very thankful that God provided me this job. I am very excited to help others just like YES! has helped me. Thank you for your ongoing support and love.

God Bless you.




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