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Never Lose Faith

Hello dear Friend, Hope you are doing good.

Today I am going to share with you my experience through the final grade, and how much your prayers have been helpful through the process. To start with, this year has not been the best just as it was not been the worst.

This year I graduated high, but me and my brother faced a lot of difficulties. but we never lost faith or discourage. Just as the bible verse said: “I can do all things through whom is strengthen me." and Yes, God did it. And me and my brother succeed the state exams which was the hardest challenge we ever faced.

During the year, the state of the country has really been a great challenge, manifestations, lock down, storm and earthquakes and kidnapping all came at the same time. I could say the insecurity was the most challenging stress and fears all along. Then my brother got really sick, a kind of sickness no one could understood or explained, while it was the only two of us that lived in a house. Our father had to live in another town because that is where he is working on a farm to help supporting our need. If it was not by the grace of God and your guys’ support and prayers, this year would of never being possible. I still can't believe I get it over with. I know I will never be able to thank you for your great generosity. I will never forget such goodness. One of my greatest goals as an orphan was to graduate high school. Praise be to God, I made it through. Graduate high school is one of the most important steps in someone's life. And without your help and your prayers I may never would complete that space in my story. It has required a lot of sleepless night and a lot of great sacrifice. That journey teaches me a lot; such as setting goal, self-motivation, determination, love, and friendship. I learned so much. Specially in our meeting with our mentor from the YES team. He showed the reality, he was not just encouraging. But tell us the truth, that it was not going to be easy. I remember when he said hard work beat talent, we definitely witnessed that. Because of my brother's sickness I lost many school days but working at home and go to school in the weekend was never a big deal. I wanted that diploma in my records. I guess you can identify my joy, my pride and my gratitude.

My advice for anyone who is reading that. When you setting goal, don't sit and hope. but plan and fight. as my mentor said hard work beat talent. Thank you. Now, I wait on the Lord to show me what is next. Please join me in praying for him to show the way.

God Bless you, Esther


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