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To serve not to be served

On Monday, January 10th, 2022, we had our first community service day with our YES! employees. My moto in life is that we are here in this world to serve and not to be served. And we, as YES! employees, are here to serve our community in our new area. All our YES! employees felt very at ease and excited to serve our community and pick up the trash, however, very surprising, we had very different feedback reactions from the people living in our neighborhood. Many of them haven’t seen such a nice thing like this before in this area. We picked up trash and cleaned the streets. A lot of people passed by, and each person had a different reaction. Some said good job gentlemen, some asked what kind of project that we are a part of, and others congratulate us and said, “I wish you guys keep on doing the good work”.

The incredible part of our community service day is about a man in a big white Nissan Patrol with dark windows and police plates. This man drove around us without saying a word or even waving to us and just stared at us. However, he stopped and talked to another neighbor standing in the street watching us. I was not too far from them and could hear them talking. He said to the other man: “Who are these guys? Who gives them authority to clean the streets?” We were all surprised to hear this.

Our goal is to do a community service day 1-2 times each month where we can serve others. We pray that it will encourage others to also serve their dear brothers and sisters. We pray that we can be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in the YES! area. Thank you for all you do to serve us in Haiti. You are truly a blessing.

Blessing, Pierre, YES! manager


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