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Impact of YES!

We wanted to share with you some of the testimonials from our transitioning young adults:

-From Daniel: I was in the orphanage for a long lifetime, Transitioning by YES! to be part of a family and mentoring by Dieumercy made me grown so much. I was able to find a job and work at a construction site. I have overcome traumas of being afraid, voiceless, shy, silenced, timid, feared and the lack of confidence (Self-Estimates). I now have much more insight of my community, I’m pretty much more open with social life.

-From Esther: Transitioning by YES! to my family and mentoring by Dieumercy has helped me through so much. I have had so much grief. Right now, I am in a process of healing, I have more

hope and more confidence. I understand what it means to be courageous and be responsible. I love the Lord and I believe that I can do all things though him who strengthens me.

-From Djoudes: As I met you guys that was awesome for me to learn about you and to be part of your organization. As YES! gives me Judeson for my mentor, he is a kind man and I learned so much from him. As he always teaching me how I can have a better life in Haiti. So as you guys know I didn’t know anything about my country but as I met YES!, they gave me a mentor and I know much more. Judeson is a good mentor. I now feel like I know how to live in Haiti outside the orphanage. I learn from Judeson about integrity. And I try my best to behave in my life better than before. I learn from relationships because I didn’t know how to react very well with people round me. So right now, I have more wisdom and maturity. So, I also learn about humility, and I am trying to humble myself to do whatever I supposed too, and to having more good people in my life.

We wanted to share with you some of the testimonials from our children at the VBS/Feeding Program:

-From Junior: I have been in this YES! program for 7 months and I have learned a lot about this program.

The teachers teach us how to pray and the bible. They teach us how to make flowers with paper, little

baskets, and some masks. They give us food and some candy too. I am praying for the program to become more beautiful for us to speak English better and the same way as the teachers. Thank you, Teacher Valcourt.

-From Esperece: I have been in the YES! program for 5 months. I love the program; they teach us how to speak English and the bible. I would like to see the program become a big school. They teach us how to make baskets, we sing, and we learn. I really like our teachers, Kemsley and Mr. Valcourt. Thank you for all you do for us.

Thank you so much for all you do for YES! With the Lord and your love & support, we are

reaching more and more youth.

Thanks again. Love, YES!


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